Time Out… the world is your oyster!

The World

So you’re thinking of taking some time out before you go to University or find a job… Done your studies & decided that actually what you studied you don’t want to do anymore? Just had a baby and want to travel before they can crawl, making it easier and less expensive in the long run?

Whatever your situation my husband, Esteban & I (Helen) love to travel and we have had so many backpackers come stay with us over the last year we thought we would share some of the things that they wish they had known before they headed off into a new horizon.

I can think of no better way, than to go travelling, to find out what really makes your heart come alive. Having the opportunity to take a bit of time to travel before it just becomes something you wish you’d always done will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Some helpful points when thinking about your trip…

How long are you wanting to travel for?

What countries are on your must experience list?

Will you be working when you are visiting?  – If so, is that in every country on your list or just some?

What visa options are there for each of your stops?

When would be the best time to go and where?

Start with pulling together a rough itinerary, work out a rough budget and in out next blog we will share with you things to think about when your plans start to take shape.  You may find this next post particularly helpful, especially if you plan to spend a wee while in New Zealand….

Planning your trip wisely will ensure you have covered all the important things that you need. It will prepare you for some potentially unforeseen situations, especially if you’ve never travelled before!

Watch this space…

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