Making it real…


How exciting, you have a rough idea of your itinerary and budgets having explored flight prices, visa options and working opportunities. So when are you thinking of going on this expedition? You’ve got your list of countries and have a sense of what your options are…

BOOK IT – there is no right time other than NOW!!!!

If you are heading out from Europe and want to make it down to New Zealand, which seems to be a really popular destination right now for taking a year out; it would be cool to swing by SE Asia and spend some time exploring the wonders of all the colorful cultures that are so vastly different to anything else you will see in Europe.

If you decide on a round the world ticket, you can plan in so many stops and even check out the US on your way back if you fancy, or the other way round…

My husband and I are originally from the UK and I had the amazing opportunity to travel around SE Asia for 2 years. The food is amazing, it is so cheap and easy to get around and most folks speak English. It also feels relatively safe, which for me is an important aspect of travels especially with the way the world is right now ?!?!

My Top 3 Favorite Asian countries and why:

Cambodia – whilst the history of this nation has had its troubles (I don’t say that lightly – it was hard to put it into words) the people are extremely warm and open. The hustle and bustle of street food and markets will tantalize your taste-buds, and whilst watching the traffic – you will be amazed there aren’t more accidents.

Malaysia – again so much history, especially in Georgetown Penang… incredible food, it is known as a foodies paradise and it’s sooooo cheap (well it was when I lived there 2010-2011). You have access to the sun, sea and the cool’ish air of the Cameron Highlands on the mainland– simply stunning.

The Philippines – oh my how you captured my heart… the coral reefs are spectacular, the people are simply beautiful and gentle. Beaches, island hopping, towns, and cities. Go for a ride on a Tuk-Tuk weaving in and out of the crazy driving. It is an amazing atmosphere that I fell in love with.

Check out our Instagram feed @designcarebackpackers for some crazy pictures of the wonders we found in SE Asia and a little taster of New Zealand in all seasons!

What are you waiting for for…. Book your round the world ticket and head on down to the ultimate destination… New Zealand!!!!

In the next blog, we will start to share with you what to expect when you first land in NZ and some helpful Websites that have oodles of information on them, which you may find useful.

Watch this space… you can find more information and pictures on who we are @designcarebackpackers and our Facebook Page, which is called errrrmmmm Design Care Backpackers – who would have thought it!

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