Pack Those Bags…

IMG_3728Some folk thinks New Zealand is behind the times, you may be surprised when you get here of what or whom you might find!!!  There is nowt so queer as folk, as me father would say…

We actually have hot running water these days, electricity and the internet…  Speaking of which, there are some brilliant websites that can help you on your travels so rather than re-invent the wheel we thought we’d share one of our favorites:

Backpacker Board NZ

This website has a wealth of information for touring around NZ and what to pack, what to expect etc.  Some of my favorite tips… Op Shops aka Charity Shops… if you forget something or think you will get it when you get here, make sure you don’t underestimate these treasure troves.  The Op Shops can save you a fortune and also help with your weight allowance.

My advice pack one or two of your favorite pieces… Ladies, a little black dress or a bit of sparkle can go a long way when you’re backpacking/traveling light!

Things that are a must that you can get in NZ; Jungle Formula, Antisan, Suncream and AfterSun… don’t bring them with you but make sure you buy them as early into your trip as you can.  The sun is intense down here, believe me, you will know about it if you don’t use at least 30SPF.

The one thing that folk complain about & wish they had been told about in advance is Sand Flies… they are tiny black bloodsucking bugs that bite and can leave horrible itchy welts on your skin.  Don’t let them put you off just be prepared & for some reason you don’t have to be around sand to have these little suckers bite you!

See you when you land…




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