What To Do????

Whatever the time of year you arrive in New Zealand – it is truly an amazing place.  Only this last week we had some friends over from the UK.  First on the agenda the All Blacks vs. Lions second test game… Ahem WE WONNNNNNNN 21-24 needless to say this is officially a week of mourning for our Kiwi brothers as captured beautifully by some random person on Facebook!

Half Mast

After the game and a few celebratory drinks of course we cleared the cobwebs with an amazing walk down by Lake Taupo and the Huka Falls…  Even watched a dude kayak down the falls, which was pretty epic!  You can see the video of this on our Instagram feed #designcarebackpackers

The lake was so calm yesterday and crystal clear.  The only thing stopping us all from jumping in was the temperature – I honestly think you might have turned blue not to mention the shock your body would have experienced upon hitting the water!



I could talk all day about the things to do just around beautiful Lake Taupo but this country has a wealth of locations North and South for you to explore.  Some of the best places to check out when you get to a new place is the local iSite – they have a whole host of information.  Click and surf a bargain, two for one offers and in the winter some off season prices – always worth a look!

Our next blog we are going to consider what to do if an earthquate shakes whilst you are here!!!

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