Our Story…

Everything happens for a reason right?  Even accidents? 13th March 2016 was to open opportunities to our family that we never anticipated… My husband (Esteban) and I (Helen) love to travel but we were restricted with the events of that day!  Within five months we were wondering what we were to do.  Esteban was unable to go back to work and most of my work was charitable.

During Esteban’s time of incapacitation, due to the accident, he would trawl YouTube and TradeMe for ideas and stimulation… he is always thinking of possibilities.  He showed me a car that was for sale, an old Honda Odyssey with the back seats taken out and a bed built with some storage that was being used by backpackers and they were leaving the country so were selling reasonably cheap.

With the last of our savings, we bought it in Whakapapa… Driving home we were both contemplating the possibilities.  I have to say he was more excited than I because he knew what could be done with the vehicle.   We advertised it in the local supermarket and backpackers.  A young German girl, Hannah, came to see us.  She took the car for a test drive and asked if she could make some alterations to the bed build… We customised it, she loved it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Esteban is a cabinet maker & self-containment officer… I love hospitality & endure a lot of the admin!  We can build you a backpacker bed frame in a small van to suit your needs! This is a bespoke service so if you’re lucky enough to book a slot to come stay with us & get involved in building your adventure vehicle you will be all set with a warm welcome to NZ and even more excited about your travels with tips and hints on many great spots to visit.

Call us today on 0223447690…

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